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Imperial Organic Yeast

PLEASE NOTE: As a result of price increases in yeast and shipping, we are temporarily halting new orders for Imperial Yeast.  We are hopeful that Imperial will be shipping homebrew pouches from their Philadelphia location in the near future to lower shipping costs.  Until then, I will continue to work with local homebrew clubs that are interested in bulk purchasing.  We will keep the site updated with yeast that is currently in stock and within the four-month expiration date.  You can always text or call us at (412) 585-2651 to get your questions answered.  Thank you for your understanding and support!

If you're looking for homebrewing yeast in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, The Tiny Bookstore is here to help! We have access to the full catalog of Imperial Organic Yeast's homebrew pouches.

Founded in 2014, Imperial Yeast provides better liquid yeast, service, and support to both professional brewers and homebrewers. Imperial Yeast operates two facilities: their original location in Portland, Oregon, and their recently-opened (2020) facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


SKU: A07

This classic "chico" strain is popular for being extremely clean.  A07 Flagship is the perfect substitute for Fermentis US-05, White Labs 001 California Ale, and Wyeast 1056 American.

Ideal Temperature: 60–72°F (16–22°C) | Flocculation: Medium-Low | Attenuation: 73–77% | Alcohol Tolerance: 12%

SKU: A10

A10 Darkness is great for Stouts, Porters, Brown Ales, and Amber Ales because it compliments caramel and roasted malts.  Because it has a higher tolerance for alcohol, Darkness is a good choice for Barleywines and Wheatwines.  Use it in a Black IPA or Cascadian Dark Ale.  Use it as a substitute for White Labs 004 Irish Ale and Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale.

Ideal Temperature: 62–72°F (17–22°C) | Flocculation: Medium | Attenuation: 71–75% | Alcohol Tolerance: 12%

SKU: A38

Feel free to use A38 Juice in a hazy New England style IPA, an American IPA or Stout, or most English styles.  Oxygenate the wort more than usual and have a blow-off hose ready to go.  Use it as a substitute for Wyeast 1318 London Ale III.

Ideal Temperature: 64–74°F (18–23°C) | Flocculation: Medium | Attenuation: 72–76% | Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

SKU: A44

A44 Kveiking is a proprietary blend of 3 Kveik yeast strains of varying flocculence that can make pineapple, guava, and other exotic tropical fruit aromas.  If you want to maximize those fruity esters, underpitch and keep the fermentation at the high end of the temperature range to fully ferment the wort.  It has both It's perfect for hazy IPAs and kettle sours.

Ideal Temperature: 75–97°F (24–36°C) | Flocculation: Low | Attenuation: 75–85% | Alcohol Tolerance: 10% | Packaging Date:  

SKU: G01

Ideal Temperature: 63–73°F (17–23°C) | Flocculation: Low | Attenuation: 73–77% | Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

SKU: G03

G03 Dieter is a clean, crisp, traditional German Kölsch strain with a low ester profile that is well-suited for Kölsch, Alt, and light-colored delicate beers like Gose, Cream Ale, and Berliner Weisse.

Ideal Temperature: 60–69°F (16–21°C) | Flocculation: Medium | Attenuation: 73–77% | Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

SKU: I22

I22 Capri is a new non-GMO hybrid ale strain designed to emphasize the desirable qualities of the parent strains (A38 Juice and A43 Loki).  Capri produces juicy aromatics and tropical flavors with bright citrus notes.  It also volatilizes sulfur early in the fermentation process.  Dry hopping during active fermentation works well with this yeast strain.

Ideal Temperature Range: 68–74F (20–23C) | Flocculation: Medium | Attenuation: 72–76% | Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

SKU: L17

Good flocculation, low sulfur, and low diacetyl make L17 Harvest perfect for many lager styles including Helles, Dunkels, Bocks, Viennas, Pils, Schwarzbiers, Rauchbiers, Dortmunders, Märzens, etc.

Ideal Temperature: 50–60°F (10–16°C) | Flocculation: Medium | Attenuation: 70–74% | Alcohol Tolerance: 10%

SKU: L28

If you are brewing a Czech Pilsner, a Czech Amber Lager, or a Czech Dark Lager, then L28 Urkel is what you want.  Ferment at the higher end of the range for minimal sulfur and a slight ester profile.  It is the perfect substitute for Wyeast 2278 Czech Lager.

Ideal Temperature: 52–58°F (11–14°C) | Flocculation: Medium | Attenuation: 71–75% | Alcohol Tolerance: 10%