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Claire and the Dragons (Paperback)

Claire and the Dragons By Wander Antunes Cover Image
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Claire and the Dragons is a female-centric fantasy adventure comic book series set in a Dark Ages-like world written and illustrated by Brazilian creator Wander Antunes and published by Scout Comics’ all-ages imprint Scoot.

Claire is a young girl, tough-minded and independent. She isn’t afraid to explore her world, which is how she encounters the old hermit Lontar. The crazy old coot is inspired by a supernatural revelation he had many years ago. He believes that if he leaves a cave where he has lived for many years, the world will be invaded by dragons. It is his conviction that he must remain in self-imposed exile until the emergence of a true hero, someone who is capable of leading humanity in the fight against these terrible creatures. Treated as if he were crazy by the local villagers, he relies on Claire to provide for his needs. However, Claire has not yet realized that Lontar believes that she is the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy!

About the Author

Wander Antunes is 54 years old and now lives in São Paulo, the largest Brazilian city, but he was born in Deep Brazil.  In this place there were magical mountains, pirates, dragons, sorceresses, and mysterious natives, and each cloud told a story full of adventures. Everything he went through in his childhood years, and Mark Twain, especially his Huck Finn, molded the man he became.  Claire is the heir to everything Wander has read and lived through.

Praise For…

"I know this is the young adult line from Scout but honestly this is for anyone of any age or gender.  It has depths to how its told so that people of different ages and reading levels will see different aspects of the story come to life before their eyes.  It is a stunning display of storytelling and I doth my cap because this really is being brilliantly told."
— Steven Leitman

"Creator Wander Antunes does a fantastic job of introducing plenty of intrigue to this world without laying on the fantasy elements in too thick."
— Christian Hoffer

Product Details
ISBN: 9781639691050
ISBN-10: 1639691057
Publisher: Scoot Comics
Publication Date: December 27th, 2022
Pages: 76
Language: English